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Here at LELOX Cutting, our expert team can cut any material up to 50mm thick using our state of the art waterjet cutting machine.

With our FLOW waterjet, we can cut materials including:

From 1mm to 50mm thick, depending on material.

Send us your drawing in DXF format – or call to discuss your requirements. Our team are always on hand to help.

We have immense experience in the industry. That is why you can count on us to provide you the best business advice as well.


Yes. In most cases, water jet cutting services are applicable for commercial purposes. It is basically the use of an ultra-high-pressure water stream that helps in cutting a surface. Being a versatile process, water jet cutting is used to cut many objects. Another advantage associated with this method is its precision and great results.
Being a versatile option, a water jet is highly functional in a number of cutting cases. It has a powerful stream of the jet that cuts the surface of the material. The thickness to be cut varies with the density of the material. However, in most of the cases of water jet cutting services, it is estimated that a metal of approximately 6” thick can be easily cut with a water jet. On the other hand, for the softer material, 15.75” or 400mm is the maximum achievable thickness.
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